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World Release:

“William Pen” New Single

Legendary Philadelphia Hip Hop artist “William Penn” , actor , recording artist and entrepreneur takes the world by storm with his hit new single titled ” Viral – CoVid 19″ a artistic response to the deadly virus that’s plaguing the world

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13th Bunker Studios has a professional and friendly crew of highly talented and experienced creative directors, artistically providing their expertise by customizing and tailoring a multimedia solution that meets the needs of your business or brand.

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Cinematographer, Photographer, Music Producer  Sylvester “Ryakin Rip” Sessoms Jr. seeks to share captured images through the medium of film in much the same way that writers, painters, poets, and musicians seek to evoke feelings and reactions through their respective media.


Born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Philadelphia, Ryakin is considered  a “Multi-Talented Artist,” and a portion of his work depicts his love of the natural beauty of mother earth. Experiencing his vivid scenic and macro photography of the flora, fauna and historical sites of the area give the effect of being immersed in the moment with the photographer. His color photography depicts his love of composition that draws the eye to the interplay of light, color and shadow.


In another aspect of his work, Ryakin’s black and white portfolio runs the gamut from the natural to architectural perspectives and more avant garde macro photography that emphasizes texture and contrast.

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